I am visual information designer.
Everything you see on screens and can be printed. Sites, apps, ads.

1986, 0 y.o, Penza

Born in a family of artists.
Grandpa and grandma were engineers who shot stuff into space. One of the first hardware and software engineers in the USSR.

1994, 7 y.o, Cherkassy

One of the best schools in town. A happy accident.
English from the first grade, sociology, philosophy. Loved biology, math, chemistry and physics.

2004, 17 y.o, Kharkiv

Kharkiv State Academy of Arts and Design.
Student of Graphic Design faculty. Loved typography, composition, color theory and psychology. Learned academic drawing and painting.

2008, 21 y.o, Kharkiv

Graphic Design. Bachelor degree.
Studied hard and qualified for a budget form of education. Diploma project was to design a book including preprint and production.

2010, 23 y.o, Kharkiv

Graphic Design. Specialist degree.
Aced the diploma project on visual identity of poster design festival: identity, navigation, posters, stickers, diplomas, catalogue.

2011, 24 y.o, Kyiv

ISD Group. Digital design agency.
Started working as interactive designer.
In Adobe Flash with actionscript2. Cutting edge of web design technology of that time. I made banners and interactive parts of web-pages. Lots of promo-sties, microinteractions, animations and festival projects. Worked with Nivea and Bayer corporations.
As a member of design team won Cannes Lions shortlist and two FWA's site of the day (thefwa.com).

2013, 26 y.o, Kyiv

Grape Ukraine. Digital design agency.
Web designer, creative designer, storyboard artist.
As a multidisciplinary designer I was making web-pages, infographics, key-visuals for ad campaigns, was deeply involved in creative brainstorms and went on meetings with clients to sell concepts and defend ideas. Designed keyframes for case studies and promo videos (as assets for motion designers). Clients: Kyivstar, Isover, Delta Bank, AVK, Investment Capital Ukraine.

2015, 28 y.o, Kyiv

Cogniance (now—Star Global). IT Tech.
Started working as visual designer. Later turned into UI/UX designer.
Worked with Xerox, PARC, Metropolitan Transportation Agency, SAIC, CloudMade (automotive), Celgene (pharmaceutical).
Research, ideate, prototype, design, user-test, development support and guidance. All my career I worked as a link between design and development departments because I speak both languages and know HTML, CSS and JS (pretty well for a designer).
Few times I went on-site to meet the client and conduct research to figure out what client needs and what are the main pain points of a product.

2019, 32 y.o, Kyiv

Sabbatical. Freelance.
Worked on various projects: websites, apps. Performed lectures and master-classes for design students in Cherkassy Museum of Arts, curated bachelor diploma students.

NOW, 34 y.o, Kyiv

Bafood. Food tech.
UX/UI and graphic designer, copywriter.
Working on an app and website for service for ordering food directly to your door. Fast, free and easy. Maintaining design system consistency, implementing new features.
Involved in marketing activities designing key-visuals and branding elements for company visual identity.